"Lifestyle of Living on the Southern Plains"
Go on a journey starting in a primitive time and end up in the Wild Wild West of the 1800's!

"Woman's Perspective of Plains Lifestyle"
Daily life of the Plains Woman, featuring Laura Alcorn.

"Primitive Native Encampments"
Life style of our Native People before contact!! Encampment and Native Man and Woman Perspective.

"Primitive Cooking"
  Learn to cook with the "Primal Gourmets" Little Big Mountain and Laura Alcorn will teach you mans first cooking techniques!!

"Ancient Native Farming"
Our traditional Native Farming Techniques! The Three Sisters!! Ancient Farming Techniques, foods and Tools Stll implemented today.
"From East to West with gonativenow"

  A comparison between Eastern and Western Tribes, both man and womans perspective!!  Little Big Mountain and Laura Alcorn take you on a journey thru time from Primitive Lifestyle thru the 1880's!!! Encampment and Staged Performances!

     Drum Making
     Primitive Cooking
     Primitive Medicine
     Brain Tanning Hides
     Making Rawhide
     Earth Skills/ Survival Skills
     Family Unification
     Artist Set Ins

"Songs and Dances of the American Indian"
     The Iron Horse Singers and Dancers
Educational program of Song and Dances of the American Indian with explanations for each dance performed. Live Drumming and Singing. Dancers in full Native Regalia.
           Native American Dancing